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Firestorm™ Intense Ice Melter
Firestorm™ Intense Ice Melter

Product Details

    Firestorm™ is the only magnesium /sodium/urea blend containing patented FS2000™. This combination makes it unequalled in power as well as safety. Every particle of Firestorm™ is treated with FS2000™ to allow for maximum speed and lowest possible melt temperature. This prevents refreezing even under challenging conditions.


    • Starts melting INSTANTLY - faster than other ice melting products
    • Prevents refreezing even under the most challenging conditions
    • Melts to -25°F (-32°C)
    • Safer Choice certified product
    • DISTINCTIVE ‘ULTRAVIOLET’ MARKER is easy to see. It assists in proper application to reduce environmental impact and reduces waste
    • Safe for concrete when used as directed
    • CORROSION INHIBITOR prevents metal fatigue
    • Magnesium chloride is less toxic than baking soda: Safe for use around children and pets; gentle on vegetation

      Click here for SDS Sheet.  Click here for Spec Sheet.